Fashion Illustrator – Andy Warhol

It’s National Drawing Day!!!

Perfect time to kick off our new feature on fashion illustration and the people who make them.

Today, we visit Andy Warhol’s work.

Although known prominently for his pop art portraits and Campbell Soup cans, he was also an amazing illustrator and got one of his early assignments drawing shoes for Glamour Magazine.

Whimsical and charming, he developed his own style of illustrating with a blotted line technique. He produced drawings of cats, dogs, fashion and other items as inspiration and art directors commissioned him to create during the 1950s.

He became so successful as an illustrator he took on assistants he trained in his style as his business expanded. Opportunities for exhibition of his personal work started to appear and Warhol took full advantage to build his reputation and connections, getting him more than his fifteen minutes of fame.

Books to explore both Andy Warhol’s life and work AND some to get you started drawing.

Online classes to learn about fashion illustration:

  • Brit & Co – Online class taught by Anum Tariq teaching how to draw a basic fashion illustration from the underlying structure to the finished look.
  • Fashion Illustration Tribe Free beginner class and resources with longer online classes.

Skillshare classes by Katie Rodgers, artist/illustrator of Paper Fashion.

Udemy. Skillshare and other online sites have multiple classes on learning to draw by subject and technique.

YouTube also has close to 400,000 online videos to watch about fashion illustration.

For further reading about Andy Warhol: