What to Pack – Weekend Away

Holiday. Weekend. Trip.

Three amazingly awesome words which can lead to three of the most scary words known to woman: WHAT to PACK?

Grab a piece of paper or whatever you take quick notes on because we are going to make it easy. Answer a few questions and you will be making your own personalized pack list to check against.

Travel Day 1: How are you getting to where you are going? Airplane or road trip?

This also determines your luggage. But for a weekend away it should be about the same amount of wardrobe. cosmetic & accessory items. Avoid overpacking, your back will thank you.

Vacation Day 2-3: What activities are you planning on doing based on your location.

Really think this through for a few minutes. You know yourself and if you are traveling with anyone else, what they are up for. (If this is your first trip together, ask them what they want to do just as an idea. It will help.) Visualize your day – before breakfast walk on the beach, breakfast, morning sight-seeing, lunch on a terrace, afternoon museum trip, pre-dinner swim, nice restaurant and dancing after dinner. You are not committing to these activities to schedule out every nano second of your trip, but you are allowing yourself to think of the possibilities which will allow you to plan your packing. Make sure you think about each vacation day to make sure you have what you want and need.

Travel Day 2: Voyage home.

Ok. Now go deeper. Start with Travel Day 1. What are you comfortable flying or driving in? List out those items, including foot wear and underwear.

  • Flying: Comfortable jeans, lightweight  T-shirt and jacket, scarf, slip-on shoes, purse.
  • Driving: Shorts, funky light-colored v-neck T, tennis shoes, purse.

Will you wear these same items on the journey home? Dupe them for now on Travel Day 2 list. We will tag them as we go and make notes.

Vacation Day 2 & 3:

List out tops/bottoms/dresses/footwear/underwear/swimwear/outerwear. If outfits are going all day, list them once and draw a line through the time period or “same”. This is about you and what you are comfortable wearing and relaxing in.

  • Morning
  • Afternoon
  • Evening

Okay, now you’ve got some basics listed out for each day. Here’s where you get creative, have fun and lighten your load.

What items do you want to repeat wear from one day to another? Look at shoes, outerwear, pants, jackets, dresses for repeating options. I “glow” too much to repeat tops from one day to the next unless I have access to freshen them up. They are so lightweight, I can always make room for them. Swimsuits are another item I do not repeat wear. Who wants to climb into a wet bathing suit? Try to make each item work at least twice on a trip. If you are wearing formal wear for a special occasion, plan to make all the other items you pack do double duty.

Now for the sparklies. Make notes on what jewelry you want to wear for each day by the outfits. Can a change in jewelry, shoes and outerwear transform your day look into evening? Can it jazz up your travel outfit to make it go for another look? Scarves and jewelry are easy ways to change up a look with minimal packing space.


Travel Day 1. Flying to Miami South Beach

  • Day: Comfortable jeans, lightweight T-shirt and jacket, scarf, slip-on shoes, purse/tote, bra, underpants. No jewelry or belts.
  • Evening: Use scarf as shawl and take off jacket, add sparkly chandelier earrings, change to dancing shoes/sandals and smaller purse for evening.

Day 2: Walking around South Beach, sightseeing and feasting through lunch.

  • Day: Shorts, top, hat, sunglasses, bra, underpants, slip-on shoes, purse/tote (Travel Day 1).
  • Afternoon: Swimsuit, cover-up/maxi dress, sandals (evening Travel Day 1), no jewelry, purse/tote (Travel Day 1).
  • Evening: Wear cover-up/maxi dress over swimsuit, add simple earrings & necklace, purse/tote (Travel Day 1).

Day 3: Sleeping in, walk on beach, brunch, sight-seeing.

  • Day: Shorts, top, hat, sunglasses, bra, underpants, slip-on shoes, simple earrings (Day 2 evening), purse/tote (Travel Day 1).
  • Afternoon:  same
  • Evening: Maxi dress (Day 2) with jacket (Travel Day 1), dancing shoes/sandal (Travel Day 1 evening) sparkly chandelier earrings (evening Travel Day 1), small purse.

Travel Day 2. Flying home.

  • Day: Comfortable jeans (Travel Day 1) or shorts (Day 2), lightweight T-shirt and jacket (Travel Day 1), scarf (Travel Day 1), slip-on shoes (Travel Day 1), purse/tote (Travel Day 1), bra, underpants.

Don’t forget sleepwear, cosmetics and personal care items including sunscreen and medications. Take your chargers, headphones, batteries, memory cards for your electronics.

  • Wearing: jeans, t-shirt, jacket, scarf, slip-on shoes, purse/tote which fits inside carry-on, bra, underpants
  • Packing: shorts (2 ct), dancing shoes/sandals, day/knit top (3 ct), hat, swimsuit, cover up/maxi dress, 3 bras, 3 underpants, sparkly chandelier earrings, smaller evening purse, simple earrings/necklace

The trick is to tailor the list to YOU. If you need more of an item, take something out. Same when you go to quickly pack. If you have too much stuff and packing cubes are not helping, see what you can truly live without.

After you get back from the trip, make note of what you wish you would have had and add it to the list. Was there anything you took you didn’t need or wear. Make a note for the next time you didn’t use it and why. No need to carry extra stuff.

Enjoy your trip and comment on your tips to make the next trip more amazing…

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